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And thus there was trash (talk)

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As beester noted earlier in the week, the always vocal Baltimore Ravens are talking trash, led by the ever-colorful Ray Lewis, whose head seems to shrink lower and lower into his chest the older he gets. Lewis and fellow linebacker Bart Scott have started a war of words against the Colts. The reason I haven't really written anything about this is because... well, it's dull. Ray Lewis talks trash. A bear is Catholic. The Pope craps in the woods.

No one seems to care.

Here's the latest nugget from Big Play Ray, from ESPNEWS:

We're not worried about their offense. They need to worry about us. You can be pretty all you want. We're gonna be coming from everywhere. We'll be having safeties playing LB, safeties playing corner. We can't be blocked.
Folks, if we take Ray at his word, then Baltimore might as well not even suit up. They've already lost. Safeties playing linebacker? Oh no! Joseph Addai better run for the hills! Safeties playing corner? Um, could they do that on every play... please! If Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne are matched up one-on-one with friggin' safeties, this could get funny!

In any case, it seems likely that Baltimore will try and blitz the crap out of Peyton, ala Pittsburgh last year. Baltimore tried the New England "everyone-in-coverage-moving-around-trying-to-confuse-Peyton" defense, and Manning shredded it in 2005. So, it will be up to the o-line to keep them off Peyton, and give him time to make his reads. As a rule, if you blitz Peyton, you better get him because if you don't it's an easy 6 for the Colts.

Like the Steelers last year, the Ravens like to talk. It helps "get them up" for games. I'm one of those guys that thinks trash talking is for simple-minded men with inferiority complexes. If you need to talk trash in order to "get up" for a game like this, then you should seriously consider QUITTING FOOTBALL, because you suck. This is the playoffs. The division round. Win or turn in your equipment.

If that doesn't motivate you, nothing will.