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2006 Playoffs, AFC Divisional Round: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens- Open Thread

Indianapolis Colts (13-4) at Baltimore Ravens (13-3)
2006 Playoffs, AFC Divisional Round: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

Location: M&T Bank Stadium  Baltimore, MD

Kick-off time: 4:30 pm EST

Broadcast: CBS

The game is finally here. All the trash talking, media whoring, and all other associated nonsense is over. It's now time to lace them up and play. This is truly a historic game, and one I personally have wanted to see for a while. The Colts returning to Baltimore for a playoff game that decides who goes to the AFC Championship game: that's awesome!

As far as the injury report goes, Bob Sanders will indeed start, as will Ryan Lilja. I'm not sure how I feel about Lilja, but he can be a good OG, and the Colts will need them as Baltimore's pressure mounts. Dallas Clark will also start. For the Ravens, their LT Jonathan Ogden is back this game to face his old nemesis Dwight Freeney. Freeney has often feasted on Ogden, making him look silly in several games. I expect Ogden, if he's 100% healthy, to go out there and throw everything at Freeney. Ogden does not want to get embarrassed again. If Ogden is not healthy and cannot contain Freeney, Ravens QB Steve McNair will have to run for his life.

This is a titanic game, the biggest this weekend. I'm actually surprised it is the early Saturday game. These two teams, and these two fan bases, do not like each other. The game features two great QBs, a gaggle of history, and some high profile defensive stars. It really is exciting. I've got goosebumps. The Colts are serious underdogs and no one really expects them to win this. No matter. It should be a great, great game.

The game is finally here. GO COLTS!