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The Mighty MJD = Total Douchebag

All week long, you're going to hear dumb comments from the corporate media, blogs, corporate blogs, and the Patriots themselves. Just be ready for it. It's going to happen. And when it does, look for folks like me to make fun of people that make these dumb statements.

Like The Mighty MJD, for example.

Apparently, MJD took offense to a comment Manning made after the Colts beat the Ravens Saturday. Manning answered a question from a reporter asking him about the unfair criticism he gets. Manning responded with this:

It seems like for so long it's been 'Colts win', but then 'Peyton Manning loses. Either give me all the credit when we win or give the team the blame when we lose. The way it should be is Colts win or Colts lose. That's the way I always thought it was.

Apparently, MJD had a problem with this. I know, MJD is acting like a schmuck. But wait to you read  MJD's comments:

Good God, that's sad. You just got a huge road playoff win, and you want to talk about who gets the credit for it? Unbelievable.

Um, huh? Manning answers a question by saying the team should get credit for everything. The team. That's... uh, kinda how it should be, right? So whats the big friggin' deal? MDJ elaborates:

I'm not saying he doesn't have a point. When the Colts lose in the playoffs, people say, "Oh, Peyton Manning choked," whether that's the truth or not. And maybe that's not fair.

But he can squash the garbage about him not getting any credit. I don't see Tom Brady doing all the Sprint commercials. I don't see Ben Roethlsiberger with a Mastercard deal. Peyton Manning gets more facetime on TV, more endorsements, and more attention than any other player in the league. Just knock it off with the "no one loves me" bit. That is straight out of the Terrell Owens playbook.

Actually MJD, Brady doesn't do Sprint commericals, but he does do Mastercard commericals, SIRIUS Satellite Radio spots, Saturday Night Live, and he's been on Family Guy. Roethlisberger might not do Mastercard commericals, but he was on ESPN's morning football show, and he does commericals. So, because Manning does commericals like these guys, and is more charismatic and funnier than these guys, he should just STFU after games, not answer questions, and don't talk at all about how he "feels" after a game even though THE FRIGGIN' QUESTION IS "Hey Peyton, how do you feel after beating the Ravens in Baltimore?"

According to MJD's logic, Manning's response should be, "Sorry, because I do so many commercials, I can't comment on how I feel about the game. In fact, I don't even want to call this a team win, because if I do some dumbass, smug Internet blogger will criticize me. Talk to you later fellas."

MJD went on to categorize Manning's comments as calling attention to himself and acting like a "crybaby."

Folks, this is the kind of crap you are going to hear all week. The Mighty MJD is sounding like an idiot here, no question. Heck, even the folks commenting on his site are bashing him:

No doubt, no wonder the guy is defensive. He constantly has to deal with people like yourself that are always looking for an opportunity to take a shot at him.

Comments like this are consistent throughout his comments section. Basically, Manning didn't say anything inflammatory, derogatory, or insulting to anyone. He didn't call attention to himself, didn't demean his teammates, and didn't "cry" about anything. Despite this, MJD thinks he did, and is willing to go out on a long limb to suggest so. We're going to see this all week folks, and when we do, it's important to understand one thing:

People who do this are friggin' douchebags.

MJD just made douchebag pundit #1 for the week. Congrats MJD! You're a douchebag! Hey MJD, next time you should back up your Manning bashing with some actual friggin' substance. When you don't, it makes you look like a schmuck, and people like me and your readers will make fun of you.

Oh, and you're a douchebag.