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More Thoughts on the Playoffs

I gotta say, the 2006 playoffs have turned into a real treat. The NFL has got to be happy. Some truly calssic games, from the Chargers and Patriots last night to Indy going back to Baltimore to New Orleans getting to the NFC Championship for the first time in their franchise history. So far, this has been a truly memorable playoffs, and the Championship games look even better.

  • TV pundits and general press idiots (like Mike Lupica and the moronic "Sports Reporters" on ESPN) sink to a new low criticizing Andy Reid for punting on 4th and 15 after a false start nulified their successful 4th and 10 try. Most people who KNOW FOOTBALL know that there is a big difference between 4th and 15 and 4th and 10. Only one 4th and 15 play has been converted all year. One. Punting was a fine decision there. The Eagles defense should have stepped up and gotten the ball back. They didn't, and the Eagles lost.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again: Reggie Bush is not a good RB. Yes, I know he had a TD in the Saints win. However, I also recall him sitting on the bench during crunch time and seeing Duece McCallister bulldozing his team to the NFC Championship game in the closing minutes. It was McCallister that ran for over 100 yards and 2 TDs. It was Bush that nearly fumbled the game away with that botched pitch from QB Drew Brees. It seems that Bush is a good "skat back" that is best utilized in space. McCallister is the better every down back. Bush would be all fine and good if used like Brian Westerbrook. There's just one problem: I would think you'd expect more from the #2 overall pick in the draft. If the Saints wanted a game-changing "third down back," someone like Jones-Drew would have fit the bill just fine in later rounds. With the #2 overall pick, I would expect my pick to be as close to an every down player as possible. #2 picks cost a lot of money. Bush seems to need McCallister in order to be effective whereas McCallister is able to perform just fine without Bush.
  • Rex Grossman had two very big, very key turnovers. The guy is a turnover machine. Yet, the Bears still won. Shaun Alexander played his guts out for Seattle. Note to Seattle management: get some wide recivers that can CATCH THE BALL. Darrell Jackson had multiple drops in this game. This is Jackson's MO: he drops the friggin ball. Cut him! Why have a receiver on your team who consistently drops passes that kill drives?
  • I try not to bash Marty Schottenheimer too much. I think he's a very good coach. The Chargers, quite simply, would not have made the palyoffs 2 of the last 3 years without Marty coaching them. However, during games, Schottenheimer often makes decisions that baffle me. Perhaps going for it on 4th and 10 from the NE 30 was a good call. But, if you have San Diego's defense, I'm more inclined to punt and pin Brady back. The Patriots have turned the ball over a lot this year, and a TO pinned near their own endzone would have spelled doom for NE. Marty didn't lose the game though. His players did.
  • Typical Patriots: acting classless after a win, dancing on the Chargers logo like a bunch of drunken frat boys. Tomlinson was right to be pissed at the end of the game. Punks celebrate like that on the professional level. When you win, shake hands and walk off the field. Typical Patriots douchebaggery.

Update [2007-1-15 8:7:24 by BigBlueShoe]: Kissing Suzy Kolber's Big Daddy Drew apparently doesn't like the idea of Manning and Brady meeting in the AFC Championship game. KSK and Deadspin all picked Baltimore to win over Indy by the way. They also picked Kansas City to beat Indy.

Once again KSK and Deadspin:

Go Colts!