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Props to Playoff Pride, and a welcome to all you new lurkers

Playoff Pride's scouting report on the Ravens was spot on. Thanks a bunch for writing that up, PP. And thanks to everyone else (PaytonMenning, Masson, and others) for posting news updates in the comments and diaries, like practice getting closed to the media and other tidbits. That's what the diaries are for. I can't always update everything, and this is a community.

Right now, site traffic has gone through the roof, with many Boston area media sites linking to Stampede Blue. Yesterday, this site was hit over 2,000 times. Apparently, I've got a big mouth, and Patriots fans don't like it. We're getting hit by a lot of Pats fans now, and I'd just like to welcome them. Stampede Blue has fast become the best Colts blog, period. We welcome dissenting opinions, and encourage rival participation.

However, if you troll, insult, or demean individual readers, I boot you and ban your IP. That simple. If you keep coming back, I keep banning you and deleting your comments. You can disagree with me and others here all you want, and more often than not you are probably right. Please, please, please disagree and post, and articulate your argument clearly. But, if you insult and berate others, I will Chuck Norris your ass into cyberspace.

Welcome to Stampede Blue. We'll be blogging all the way up to the big game, and beyond. Go Colts