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If you aren't exciting, you have no soul

The writers for KSK and Deadspin pose for a group picture
Wow. If you read KSK and Deadspin (like I do) you have to wonder if their writers have any inkling of a soul left in them. Their latests rantings on the upcoming AFC Championship Game tell a very different story from the one pretty much every other football fan on the planet feels. KSK and Deadspin seem to think the AFC Championship game is boring, uninteresting, and not very compelling.

Quick, somebody check these guys for a fucking pulse! [Writer's note: curse word in honor of mento, who suggested I curse more in my posts. Mento is a new poster here, and shit it is so fucking cool that mento is fucking posting here.]

If you are not excited about the Patriots playing the Colts in the AFC Championship game, then you simply don't like American football. It is literally that simple. I can understand if you are a Chargers or Ravens fan, and you're pissed your team lost and therefore have no interest in seeing Indy or New England play. However, if you are a football fan, New England and Indianapolis is the game of the year, no question. During the regular season, the Sunday night NBC game between New England and Indianapolis was the highest rated game of the season. Pretty much everyone with a TV watched that game Sunday night.

So, why do the guys at KSK and Deadspin find this AFC Championship so dull? Are they all closet Ravens fans? Does KSK have a big hard-on for Marty Schottenheimer? Are they just a bunch of undead, lifeless zombies over there, screaming and moaning for "BRAINS!" as they type away on their keyboards? Who knows.

Perhaps they just don't like the fact that New England and Indianapolis are so high profile. Belichick always wins. Manning is on every commercial. Brady is hosting SNL... again. Dungy is the poster boy for Christian goodness in the NFL. All that stuff. Maybe they wanted something "new." Considering neither the Patriots nor the Colts played in the AFC Championship Game last year, and haven't played each other in such a game in three years, I hardly call this old or stale.

What I do know if that if you love football, this is THE game to watch, and if you somehow find this game dull, uncompelling, or stale then you simply don't like football.

That simple.