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The Indianapolis Star picks Stampede Blue as Indiana's Best Colts Site... huh?

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I bash the Indianapolis Star a lot here. It's a crappy paper run by an evil company (Gannett) that employs outside people to write about things happening in Indiana. I know, it makes no sense. Many friends of mine who are, unlike me, real reporters have been offered jobs at the Indy Star and turned them down flat. Why?

Because no one likes working for Gannett.

They treat you like dirt, disrespect you, and when you get old they run you out of the building and replace you with some 25-year-old who writes like an 8-year-old and will work for half your old salary. Gannett is the Mitch and Murray of newspaper companies (for you Glengarry Glen Ross fans, you know what I mean).

Yet, despite my consistent bashing of this rag of a paper and its parasitic parent company, Stampede Blue was picked by the Star as one of the best blogs in Indiana. I guess this is the Star's way of trying to buy my silence, or they just don't mind featuring a site that makes fun them them at least once a week. So, either they are bribing me, or they don't care.

Big shout out to Stampede Blue poster Masson whose site Masson's Blog was also featured as one of the best blogs in Indiana. Also, check out jdb's very funny site called Charlie Weis Ate My Baby.