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I'm excited. Aren't you?

It's like Christmas all over again. I'm siting here, drinking some flat Coke, biting my nails, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the AFC Championship Game. All over Indy, it's a sea of blue. We're a far cry from the days of Jeff George, when home games were blacked out on a regular basis. Regardless of the outcome of this game, regardless of what happens, the fact that this game is being played in Indianapolis means something.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the win and loss talk that we forget to appreciate the journey, the actual game itself. We forget to appreciate the fact that here we are, in late January, and football still means something for us Colts fans. Such an appreciation is lost, I think, for Patriots fans. They get caught up in simply seeing Manning lose. They love to see him throw INTs and flash his "pouty" face. I often think they enjoy that more than actually seeing their team win. They'd rather see Manning miserable than their own team win.

Sad, indeed.

In any case, whatever happens, the fact that this game is happening means something in and of itself. The game unites the city, and for a brief period takes away some of the dreariness of everyday life. It's sports, and that's what it is for. Enjoy this folks. It's rare that cities like Indy get to host AFC Championship Games.

Enjoy it, relish it, take it all in. That's what it's for.

Update [2007-1-19 17:27:10 by BigBlueShoe]: Chad has a similar diary here. I guess everyone is on edge... everyone but Patriots fans. I guess they are used to this. We loser fans humbly beg the Patriots for forgiveness. We are not used to playing this late in the season. Pardon our humility, oh mighty Bostonians. It's a Midwest thing.