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I HATE you Tom Brady!!!!!

The following is a true story.

One night about three years ago I was troubled by a dream. A vision of a long gray sky with snow falling flooded over me. I said to myself, "what is this apocalyptic place" and suddenly I realized that it was Foxborough Stadium and the Colts were playing the Patriots. But this was not a repeat of an old game because the outcome was very different. All of a sudden the Patriots started scoring at will! Eighty yard TD's left and right! Manning is hit and the ball falls out and Richard Seymour grabs it and does cartwheels into the end zone. The Patriots laugh. They taunt the Colts and suddenly the score is 120-0. Brady then drops back in the 4th quarter to pass again and throws another eighty yard touchdown and starts to laugh out loud with his hands on his knees. Then he suddenly turns and faces the camera and starts pointing and laughing. I suddenly realize that he is laughing at me as I sit at home on my couch and he doesn't stop laughing and pointing. It is, at this point, that I wake up in a panic. I gather myself and say, "I hate you Tom Brady. I hate you!"

Still the dream of the Patriots beating the Colts 127-0 haunts me. Still that image of Brady laughing at the sky and then turning to the camera and pointing, yes pointing and laughing at ME burns my very soul to this day. I have never hated a team like I hate the Patriots! I hate their players, their coaches, their uniforms, their fans heck I even hate their stadium because I it looks ugly with that dumb lighthouse. I hate how they cheat, I hate their attitude, I hate how the media is all over them ALL the time, I hate Bob Kraft and I hate Tom Brady with a fire few can match.

This game is war! Nay, war is too light for this is a contest of two incompatibility ideals meeting upon the stage of the world. This is freedom versus slavery! Love against hate! Civilization versus barbarity! The hope of Manning versus the dark fascism of Brady! And knowledge versus ignorance itself!!!! This IS Colts vs. Patriots! And comrades... we must prevail!!!!!!

Go Colts.