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Greatest. Playoff. Game. Ever.

I do not have the words. Without a doubt, that was one of the greatest playoff games ever, if not the greatest period. No team had ever come back from 18 points down to win an AFC Championship Game.

The Colts did.

No team had come from behind to beat the Patriots in an AFC Championship Game. The Pats were 5-0 in Conference Championship games going into this one. No one had ever beaten them.

The Colts did.

Peyton Manning put in a performance for the ages. His drive with 2:00 left was the stuff of legend. As Colts fans, we all knew that Manning was great. We also know that anyone who dared question his greatness was a braindead moron who knew nothing about football.

The Colts did it, folks. They beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, and they will represent the AFC in Super Bowl 41 against the Chicago Bears. It is great that 2 SB Nation blogs will cover teams in the Super Bowl. I'm very happy for WCG and the folks at Windy City Gridiron.

Super Bowl 41 is a great matchup. Go Colts!

Update [2007-1-22 0:12:32 by BigBlueShoe]:From PaytonMenning in the diaries:

In 2003, when we lost to the Pats at the dome, the score was 38-34. This year, in the AFC championship game, we win with the score 38-34. Somehow, I could feel fate intervening when the Patriots had the FG. 31-34 seemed like a fateful score.

BTW, one last time - Me and Blue were right - we're going all the way ...

don't stop BUH-LIEV-ING!!!