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What others are saying about us

Deadspin has a link to Stampede Blue on their mainpage, with the following:

What they're saying in Blogopolis after Sunday's AFC championship game (predictably, Stampede Blue has wasted no time going to the Karate Kid photos)...

* Stampede Blue. Belichick defeated. In his post-game interview, he looked like he was gonna burst out in tears .... he reeeealy didn't wanta be there.

Sorry Deadspin, but had you actually covered the Colts with an inkling of objectivity (and not like a bunch of brain-dead, flesh-eating, Manning-haters), we would not have felt the urge to compare The Karate Kid to the Colts's win over the hatred Kobrakai of the NFL (the New England Patriots). And just like before Deadspin, when you picked the Chiefs and the Ravens to win because you were just "sick of the Colts," just like before Deadspin, you can all:

Oh, and thank you for linking to us. We've shattered records today for number of hits and page visits. If the site goes down folks, it's because everyone wants to read us and listen to us make fun of all the idiots that dared doubt Peyton Manning and the Colts. Go Colts!