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Mr./Mrs. Negative Colts Fan

I am sure all of us know someone who is utterly toxic in their outlook towards the Colts. These people might say such lines as: Our offense sucks; This team won't go far in the playoff; Manning just CAN'T win; Dungy should be fired. The ever present one is We need to get someone big and fat at DT!

Wow, just how silly do these people feel today?

One negative fan that I know even left the game when the score was 21-3 and said that it was "over." This is the same guy who says when the opposing team is lining up to punt that the Colts "better not fumble it." The glass is always half empty with these people.

You know there are times I get down about the team too. I felt horrible after the Jacksonville game this year, for instance. But the point is not being down about the team. My gripe is when people stay down and always say something about the players, coaches, the stadium, or heck even the cheerleaders! I mean, one of the qualifications of being a fan is having at least some faith in the organization. And you know most of the negative Colts fans I talk to are good and generous people in their everyday lives, but they are sub-par fans of the team at best. Have a little faith brothers and sisters! Good is good and Manning, Dungy, and Polian are all very, very good and the team will always compete at a high level while it is in their stewardship.