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Once again, the Indianapolis Star seems to like us

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From Star writer Erika D. Smith:

  • This site is more of a blog than anything else. But it's a great blog, and with headlines like "Bill Belichick, gutless punk," you'll never have to guess whose side the blogger is on.

    Other features of this Web site include a Colts Newsfeed section, so you won't have to go digging around the Web for articles on your favorite team -- and even its enemies.

    Speaking of enemies, I suppose I should be fair.

    I realize that there are plenty of Chicago Bears fans stalking the streets of Indianapolis. (Grrr! I mean, Boo!) Here are a couple of worthwhile Web sites run by Bears fans.
What? No mention of my numerous posts blasting Bob Kravitz and the putrid Colts coverage over at the Indy Star? I'm shocked I tell you! Shocked!

In all fairness, many thanks to Erika and the Indy Star for the kind words. Though, why we were listed third behind Colts Freaks and Indy Blue Crew is beyond me.