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Edgerrin James = Standup Guy

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We've been debating whether or not Edge regrets leaving Indy now that they are in the Super Bowl. Whatever you opinions of Edgerrin, you cannot say he is a "turncoat." The dude is just a pleasant, standup guy who does not forget his friends. Edge was there to greet the Colts when they arrived in Miami:

[Edgerrin] James, who attended the University of Miami, lives here during the offseason and knows all the hot spots. No wonder he was eagerly awaiting the Monday night arrival of the Indianapolis Colts, who finally advanced to the Big Game -- without him.

"This is like the only night we'll have to hang out," James said Monday afternoon before heading to the Colts hotel. "It's like I told them, I don't have a curfew, but they do. I'm going to make sure that my boys won't get in trouble."

After six seasons in Indianapolis, James signed a free agent deal with the Arizona Cardinals last spring. He doesn't sound bummed the Colts reached this point in their first season since his departure.

"I'm with them," he says. "I'm cool with everything. Remember, I'm Edge. I'm totally different than most cats. My friends are still with that team. We're like family."

Edge is still one of my all-time favorite Colts.