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The Chad is Great!

The Chad is Great!

[Writer's Note]: My friendly bet with Chad over at Windy City Gridiron was settled by a neutral arbitrator. This arbitrator's decision was that the bet resulted in a draw. This meant Chad and I both lost. The conditions of the bet (seen on the left side of the blog) stated that Colts rookie RB Joseph Addai needed to run for close to 1,000 yards and score 10 TDs. Addai ran for over 1,000 yards, but scored 8 TDs. As a result, the arbitrator felt that the bet was a draw. Thus, both Chad and I must eat crow. Chad has done his part (in a very funny diary), and now I do mine.


My goodness! What the hell was I thinking when I dared challenege the might, the genius, the mojo of the great and all-powerful Chad. He stated that there was no way for Joseph Addai to achieve those stats as a rookie, and boy was he right!

Chad is such an amazing writer. His knowledge of football dwarfs my own. He makes John Madden look like Tony Kornheiser. His football wisdom would make Vince Lombardi break into tears. He knows so much more than me it's not even funny.

I'm so, so ashamed of myself. Last night, I lashed my back 13 times, each lash counting for how many wins the Chicago Bears accumulated in the 2006 regular season. I was a petty fool to challenge The Chad.

I humbly beg forgiveness. The Chad is great!