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KSK and Deadspin can friggin' eat me

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First off, I am amazed at the play of the Colts defense against the Chiefs. That performance was one of the most dominating defensive performances in NFL playoff history. No team since 1960 had held a team 2.5 quarters with out a first down. The Colts did just that against the Chiefs today. Absolutely amazing. Hats off to Dungy, who added some interesting wrinkles (which I will discuss later) that baffled the Chiefs all day.

Next, if you've read Kissing Suzy Kolber or Deadspin recently, you'd know they don't like the Colts that much. Deadspin made their feelings perfectly clear by picking the Chiefs to win. Why?

We're so freaking sick of the Colts
The folks at KSK went further, creating a funny book cover that, in their minds, summarizes Peyton Manning's playoff career. To both KSK and Deadspin, we at Stampede Blue would like to extend a message from all Colts fans to each and every one of you:
Go Colts!

Update [2007-1-6 22:24:7 by BigBlueShoe]: If you ever doubted how big of a dick Bob Kravtiz is, read this and your doubts will be put to rest. Bob was all ready to sing the Colts a lullaby, and the Colts won, spoiling his plans. Bob Kravtiz is a serious, Grade A asshole. He can eat me too.