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2006 Playoffs, Wild Card Round: Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts- Open Thread

Kansas City (9-7) at Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
2006 Playoffs, Wild Card Round: Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

Location: RCA Dome  Indianapolis, IN

Kick-off time: 4:30 pm EST

Broadcast: NBC

Well, they are here folks; finally here. The 2006 playoffs have arrived! In a way, we have all waited for these since... well, since last year this time. We've gotten to blog all season about this team, from free agency to the draft to training camp to pre-season to games. And now, we have our playoffs.

I'm glad the first game is against a team like the Chiefs, mainly because Chris at Arrowhead Pride does such a nice job covering them. Please check out his blog during the course of the game to see what Chiefs fans are talking about.

As far as injuries go, Dallas Clark will play at TE, just like last week against the Dolphins. Bob Sanders will also play! You all know what a big boost that could give. Expect to see guys like Rob Morris, Robert Mathis, and maybe even Cato June on special teams coverage. We might even see a bit of a wrinkle on offense and/or defense since Dungy closed practice all week for the first time since the 2003 playoffs.

Like you, I'm excited. I'm excited to see how this team goes out there and plays in light of all their injuries, their past playoff lapses, and just the fact that, once again, they are hosting a playoff game. No matter what, it should be a great game.

The playoffs are here! GO COLTS!