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Thoughts on other playoff games

  • Folks here have been giving Terry a hard time for Tony Romo and the Cowboys choking away their playoff game against the Seahwaks. In Romo's defense, the Boys would not have made the post-season without him. However, unlike Cowboys fans, I think some of us here saw Romo for what he is: a good but inexperienced young QB. Cowboys fans were hoping he was Tom Brady. They liked his cocky attitude and smug expressions. However, when he botched that snap, it made him... GASP... human. I personally think it will make him a better player. Humility is something Romo lacked. Now he has a little of it, and it should make him better. If it doesn't, he's a punk and the Cowboys should dumb him. All this said, the Cowboys have some good young players and Parcells has built a good system. So chin up Terry.
  • The Patriots beat the Jets in Foxboro despite some big plays by the Jets. Belichick attacking that cameraman at the end of the game was hilarious. His hugging Mangini had all the warmth of a cold shower.
  • The Giants against the Eagles was a great game. Eli Manning played well in the fourth quarter, only to have his defense lose the game for him... again. Tom Coughlin stinks, and hopefully he gets fired. Andy Reid has proven, to me, he's a top 5 coach. His Eagles are, in my opinion, less talented than the Giants but he got them to play together. Tiki Barber is a Hall of Famer in my opinion. If Joe Namath is a Hall of Famer (more career INTs than TDs), Tiki Barber is.