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Bill Simmons: Gutless punk

Bill Simmons, ESPN's sorry excuse for a writer and an even sorrier excuse for a sports fan, actually wrote this before the Colts squashed Denver Sunday:

Broncos (+9.5) over COLTS
Come on, this line shouldn't be higher than 7. I'm not paying the Colts Tax because Denver has two quality CBs to handle Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, which means Joe Addai has to run all over them for Indy to cover this spread. (I'm not ruling it out, but it seems like a stretch.) More importantly, Denver was embarrassed in last week's Jags game; you never want to go against a team with a good coach that was embarrassed the week before. And if that's not enough, everyone and their degenerate brother will be throwing the Chargers, Cowboys and Colts into a three-team teaser on Sunday. That's never good. Out of those three, the Colts seem like the shakiest link, don't they?

(Random fantasy note: On my 3-0 West Coast team that's morphing into the 2007 Pats of fantasy teams, I have Kenton Keith and Selvin Young stocked on my bench just in case Addai or Travis Henry get injured and I can trade Keith or Young to the teams that have Addai or Henry. That means I'll be watching this game rooting for the starting running backs to get injured every time they touch the ball. Can you think of another avenue in life when you'd openly and shamelessly root for two human beings to pull a hamstring, sprain a knee or break a foot for three straight hours? Me neither. I love fantasy football.)

Seriously, when have you ever seen a legitimate sports writer actually wish that an athlete get hurt so he can win at Fantasy Football? Doesn't this violate some sacred journalistic code, or something? I guess this proves what I've always said:

Bill Simmons is not a sports writer.

I mean, I hate the Patriots and all, and I know their coach is a cheating prick, but I have never, ever wished harm to any of their players; not even Rodney Harrison. Sure, when Rodney hurt himself last season while pulling on Marvin Harrison's face mask, I laughed. Rodney hurt himself while trying to hurt a player better than him. That's comedy! But I never wished injury on him or anyone else.

Simmons, on the other hand, has a different agenda. Honestly, why does ESPN employ this idiot? What fan, let alone what "journalist," would want a player to get hurt? I'm sure there are some morons out their that would love to take a shot at Tom Brady's knees, but those aren't fans. Those are thugs.

We can now officially include Bill Simmons in that thug category. Feel free to tell the ESPN Ombudsman what you think about Bill Simmons' unprofessional article wishing injury on professional football players just so he can win at a fantasy game (a game, I hope, he isn't betting on). Simmons has often made it clear that we should consider him a journalist, but no journalist would write an article even joking about players getting hurt, let alone condoning it. If they did, it would cost them their job.

This should have consequences for Simmons.