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Stampede Blue Radio: Our own podcast returns

STAMPEDE BLUE RADIO, a podcast for Indianapolis Colts and NFL fans!
Click here to join the show!
Click here to join the show!

We couldn't do it last night prior to the SB Nation Sports Report. So, we'll do it tonight. It's the beauty of podcasting. I get to do when when I want to. If only the rest of my life were that simple. Sigh.

Oh well. Anyway, for tonight's podcast we're joined by Tom of Battle Red Blog and Matt of Da Good, Da Bad, and DeMeco to talk about the hot topic: The Travis Johnson, Trent Green incident. Also, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel columnist Reggie Hayes will call-in to talk about last week's game against Tampa Bay, the state of the Colts, and injured players heading into the bye.

We'll also breakdown Peyton Manning's first five games and how they compare to Tom Brady's. Brady has 16 TDs in 5 games (amazing), but Manning might actually be having the better year thus far. Remember folks, stats are for losers... or so we were told by the Patriots back in 2004. Also, Kenton Keith has caught the eye of the Atlanta Falcons, and they want to trade DeAngelo Hall for him. And finally, just how improved are the Colts?

All that and more tonight at 8pm Eastern. Immediately following Stampede Blue Radio is MHR Radio, TheSportsGuru's Denver Broncos podcast.