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ESPN interviews me

Well, sort of.

Derek Schultz of ESPN Radio 950AM interviewed me a few days ago and has posted the interview on his site. Derek does a weekly Shoot Around, and this week I found myself in the cross hairs of his shoot around. However, unlike Dick Cheney's hunting partners, I did not feel "peppered" after our interview. Here's a taste:

How do you feel about ESPN's (aka the Boston Al-Jazeera network) coverage of the Patriots compared to that of the Colts?

Ok, if ESPN were FOX then the Patriots would be the Republican Party. Seriously, does ESPN not realize there are 31 other teams playing football, and oh yeah the DEFENDING CHAMPS are 5-0, and the combined records of the teams they've beaten are 14-4 (Note: Should say 11-12)? Does the network stand for Entertainment Sports & Patriots Network? Does Bob Kraft own stock in Disney? I mean, it's just gotten bizarre and, in the case of Tony Kornheiser, a bit weird.

Kornheiser last Monday night just would not shut up about how he thinks the Patriots are going undefeated. IT WAS WEEK FOUR! And people say bloggers are misguided homers who can't make objective observations.

Other news outlets, like CBS Sports, SI, and Yahoo have done a good job covering the Colts 5-0 start. For some reason, ESPN could give a crap. Yet, for all my anti-ESPN ranting, many Colts fans like ESPN slighting the Colts; the whole "run silent, run deep" theory. Keeps them under the radar.