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Trade deadline is today: Don't expect anything

Today is the trading deadline. Though we linked to stories last week that reported Rich McKay and the Falcons had reached out to the Colts about acquiring RB Kenton Keith for CB DeAngelo Hall, I don't think the Colts will get involved in any trades this year. Last year, the Colts pulled a coup and snatched Anthony "Booger" McFarland from the Bucs. The Bucs got a second round pick for Booger. The Colts road Booger to a Super Bowl. This year, the Bucs are involved in another trade, acquiring RB Michael Bennett from the Chiefs. According to PFT, this is the fourth straight trade deadline trade the Bucs have done since 2004.

For the Colts, I don't see them making any trades. The only logical trade I can see them making would be for a new strong side LBer, or SAM. I like Rocky Boiman and I think he's a good back-up, but he's not a starter.  The romantic, goofy fan in me has me thinking the Colts should trade with the Jets and get Jonathan Vilma. That won't happen, but the Internet was made for hopeless dreamers like me. Vilma's got 40 tackles and an INT, but he's not rushing the passer the way Mangini and the Jets want him to.  Vilma's a prototypical Cover 2 LBer, not a Parcells LBer. Again, this trade ain't happening, but I do dare to dream.

Another trade could net some depth at DT, but with no first round pick in 2008 (used to acquire Tony Ugoh), that makes trading difficult. Polian doesn't like to part with picks, and a second round pick from the Colts will likely be a late round pick. So, don't expect any noise today. That said, watch Bill pull a fast one on us.