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Rocky is a little pissed he got benched

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I'm not so sure Rocky should have been benched.
It's not often that you get some dissent from the Colts locker room. But, with the recent promotion of Tyjuan Hagler to starting SAM (tip to yellowsnow), and the demotion of Rocky Boiman, we have a little dissent. From the Indy Star:
Boiman wasn't thrilled with the demotion. He started once and played extensively in two other games at strong-side linebacker in place of injured veteran Rob Morris.

"Obviously I'm very disappointed and I don't know why (the change was made),'' Boiman said. "I can only control what I can control.''

I've always been a Boiman fan. He's a solid backup that can come in and give you some quality LBer play. He doesn't make mistakes, doesn't shy away from contact. He's often come up with some big plays (INT on Pennington in the endzone last year this time) and he's just a solid, stand up guy.

That said, Hagler has more talent than Boiman. That, obviously, means nothing. LBer is about toughness and smarts, not necessarily talent. SAM backer in Dungy's Cover 2 really needs to have some size. Rob Morris did a great job at SAM. He's 6'2'', 243 pounds. Boiman is 6'4'', 238 pounds, and seems a naturally fit for SAM backer in the Dungy Cover 2. Hagler, however, is smaller: 6'0'', 238. That puts him in the Gilbert Gardner class of small SAMs.

Now, am I saying Hagler sucks Dirk Diggler's diggles the way Gardner did last year? No. I do have some concerns. Gardner was never suited for the SAM. He was too small (only 228 pounds). When Gardner subbed for Cato June at WILL backer at the end of the 2005 season, he played very well. They moved him over to SAM in 2006 and the defense imploded (400 yards to Jacksonville, remember?).

Now, days before Indy's clash with the Jags, Dungy is moving a new LBer into the starting lineup despite Boiman playing well (at least from my POV). I know lots of people want to see Hagler play more. I agree, he's looked awesome. But he's been playing WILL of late, not SAM; different position, different set of responsibilities.

I know I've always said the size (ie height, not the size of his schwanstuker) is one of the most over-rated attributes associated with a player's skills. Dwight Freeney is considered "short" for a DE, yet he's still the best DE in football. I'll take Dwight in his prime over Jason Taylor in his any day. However, with certain positions (like QB and SAM backer), extra height is a big advantage. Rob is 6'2'', Rockey 6'4''. Hagler is just 6'0''. I was not one of the fans screaming for him to get more playing time. I'm not so sure Hagler can do it.

That said, if Hagler outperformed Rockey in practice at SAM, then yes: Hagler should start. I'm not so sure that happened though. We will see.