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BigBlueShoe goes global! Sort of.

Sorry about no updates over the weekend. I'm getting interviewed on a station in Jacksonville, 1010 XL, on a show called Sports Final Radio. We'll be talking about (duh!) the Monday Night Football game tonight. I was supposed to go on at 9am, but Tony Boselli called the station and wanted to chat. I got bumped for Boselli. I expressed my extreme displeasure for getting bumped by an over-rated, oft-injured tackle whose been out of football for 6 years, but they ignored me. (I'm kidding re: Boselli btw; he's was a very good LT when he played.)

I go on in ten minutes. If they put audio up on a website, I'll link it here.

Also, MVN's Outsider Radio LIVE will interview me later today about the Jags game. I hope RiverCityRage is getting this much publicity.