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Don't get mad. Go ahead and laugh whenever dumbass players calls the Colts "finesse"

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Whenever teams (cough*cough*Jacksonville*cough*cough) would label the Colts as a "soft" or a "finesse" team, it used to bother me. I mean, for all of Jacksonville's supposed toughness and grit, they've still lost 8 of 12 against the Colts since 2002, and they've never won the AFC South while Indy has won it four straight years. Oh yeah, and Indy won the Super Bowl.

Not bad for a finesse team.

Nowadays, when I read something like this:

The Jaguars, who have always privately chided Indianapolis for being a finesse team, didn't muscle up and run the ball off-tackle.
I don't get mad anymore. Even Fred Taylor, who continues to display his uncanny ability to run well against the Colts, also continues to show he retained little more than a fourth grade education. referring to his team getting blown out 29-7 a home, Fred said:
"[The Colts] executed the best and made the least amount of mistakes, but I don't think they're better than they were last year," Jaguars running back Fred Taylor said. "We kind of stubbed our own toe a little bit."
Listen Fred... can I call you, Fred? Good. Listen, I know math is a tough subject. God knows I struggle with it all the time. But, when you get blown out at home 29-7, that means the other team is better than you. Contrast that with the way the Colts layed last year in Jacksonville (41-17) and yes Fred: The Colts are indeed improved. That's kind of how this whole football thing works. Oh yeah, and your team is 3-10 against the Colts with you as the starting RB, Fred. Thanks for trying. Unlike the Colts, Fred has not improved enough himself to help his team beat them with any measure of consistency.

If anything, when the Jaguars players make private (or sometimes public statements disrespecting the Colts, like Reggie "Screw the Colts!" Hayward did in 2005), it just makes them look cute. It's cute when a team questions your toughness, and then misses the playoffs again. It's cute when guys like Mike Peterson, Reggie Hayward, Paul Spicer, and those two elephant DTs say the Colts are soft, and then get their butts handed to them by the Colts' o-line on Jacksonville's home field. These supposedly "tough" Jags players were pushed around all night by Saturday, Lilja, and especially LT Tony Ugoh. Paul Spicer was getting destroyed by Ugoh on Every. Single. Play. On K2's TD run, Ugoh lit up Spicer, knocking him back into the endzone. Again, this is a rookie going up against a, supposedly, elite DE. In the fourth quarter, when the Colts were icing the game, Jacksonville's defense couldn't stop the Colts rushing attack. Stroud and Henderson were visibly exhausted, and the only reason Paul Spicer got two sacks was because Tony Ugoh left the game with a burner. Up until then, a LT rookie was kicking Paul Spicer's ass.

So, when I hear funny little comments from those cute little kitty cats in Jacksonville, I don't get mad anymore. The Colts own the Jags. Always have. I know the margin of victory for the Colts over the Jags the last few years has been 1.8 points. Folks, a win by 1.8 or a win by 22 is still a win. When my team beats Jacksonville's team 10 of 13 times, it means my team OWNS Jacksonville's team. It could help the disposition of the spotted-kitties if they showed their betters a little respect.  

So, do what I do now and chuckle when Mike Peterson runs his mouth, or when Reggie Hayward talks a good game but backs it up with a 3 tackle, no sack performance. It's fun. It's humorous. It's typical Jacksonville: Whining that they get no respect, but in turn giving none to anyone else, especially teams that own them.