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Stampede Blue Radio RETURNS

STAMPEDE BLUE RADIO, a podcast for Indianapolis Colts and NFL fans!
Click here to join the show!
Click here to join the show!

Stampede Blue Radio is back after a one week hiatus. So much to talk about. I'll preview the Carolina Panthers game, and we'll chat about David Carr's hurt feelings regarding the Colts. I guess sacking a guy 5 billion times isn't exactly water under the bridge.

MasterRWayne will call in to talk about Corey Simon retiring. He'll also give his thoughts on the Jags MNF game, and his feelings about Tony Kornheiser.

We also might have a mystery guest. Can't tell you yet (and no, it's not Peyton), but if he can make it I'll be a happy camper.

Stampede Blue Radio is tonight at 8pm Eastern on