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DeAngelo Williams may start at RB for Carolina

I did a brief preview of the Carolina game on Stampede Blue Radio last night, and one of the things I talked to MasterRWayne (who called in) about was the possibility of Panther RB DeAngelo Williams starting. Well, Jaxon, SB Nation's Panthers blogger, also has heard the rumors:

This is what many Panther fans have been waiting for. Also, if your going to beat the Colts you have to be able to run the ball in order to shorten the game and keep Peyton off the field. I think D-Will is ready for a start.
Bill Polian has said that of the running backs drafted in 2006, Jones-Drew and Williams had the quickest feet. It's amazing how Addai, Jones-Drew, and Williams have really emerged as the premiere backs from that draft. Meanwhile, Reggie Bush and Laurence Maroney continue to suck, and both were drafted higher than Addai, Jones-Drew, and Williams. Carolina has done a good job splitting carries between Deshaun Foster and Williams, but it's clear Williams is better than Foster. Williams is gaining a SICK 5.5 yards per carry average when he runs the ball.

I have a lot of faith in the Colts run defense now. Shutting down Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor is no small task, and both those guys are better than Williams and Foster. Jacksonville's o-line is also better. Still, this is in Carolina, who is coming off a bye, and the Colts are working on a short week. We will learn a lot about this Colts team if they can win under these conditions.