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Banning trolls

I don't like doing it, but the fact of the matter is if you come here to "rile up" readers, as one recent (and now former) user did, that by definition is trolling. I gave the user fair warning that if he or she continued, I'd ban. They responded by attacking me. There, the user was banned and their comments deleted.

The user wasn't here to talk, debate, or state anything all that meaningful. He or she said so on another site. They were here to insight anger, bitterness, and to just act like a jerk-off. No one else from the site the user came from engaged in the same activity.

In short, this person was just a schmuck. Trolling here will not be tolerated. People are welcome to come in here and say "Go Bucs!" but if you do you better do so in a respectful manner. I'm encourage dissenting opinion, but I will not allow trolling. Thanks for understanding, and please folks always remember...