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Travis Johnson is a bum, and more stellar insights

Travis Johnson, total schmuck-tard.
Now that we've reached the bye week, we can reflect back a bit on the start of the season. Where does the team stand? How does it look? Have pre-season questions been answered? Has the team accomplished the things they need to do in order to repeat? I'll be asking, answering as best I can, these questions all week. However, before we get to that, let's recap some things seen during Week Five in the NFL:
  • Regarding the possible Atlanta trade: The only reason I can think of for Polian getting someone like DeAngelo Hall is he thinks Hall can help Indy attack New England's spread WR formations. Don't get me wrong. I think, right now, that if New England spreads the field on the Colts that Tom Brady is a dead duck. The Colts have an excellent secondary already, and if the Pats go 4 WRs, that's cool. The Colts can zone up and pressure Brady with their front four. However, if you add Hall to that mix, you add a talented veteran to an already explosive and fast secondary. Dungy has shown he can work with "problem" players. The key is Hall understanding that he is not a shutdown corner. In Indy, he'd play in a Cover 2 defending a zone. He'll also need to tackle, something he doesn't like doing. So, I still don't see Hall as a good fit, but should Polian agree to this trade, I think New England is the reason why.
  • Tony Romo just chokes in the spotlight. I think he's a quality QB, but for some reason he gets way too caught up in hype. The lights, the cameras, the pretty cheerleaders, Tony Kornheiser massaging his ego: All these things seem to distract Romo form his real job. He was Rex Grossman bad last night, maybe worse. And no Terry, he did not gut it out at the end. He sucked from start to finish, and the Cowboys won anyway in spite of him. Until Romo shows me that he can consistently play great football, it's hard to call him (or the Cowboys) elite. 6 turnovers in one game is just pathetic. That said, I will root for Dallas next Sunday, though I feel the Patriots will completely blow them away.
  • Houston's Travis Johnson is a bum. There was nothing cheap, dirty, malicious, or wrong about Trent Green's block. Anyone who says otherwise is either a Texans fan (whose opinions on this should be dismissed because they are just trying to protect their own regardless of morality) or an idiot like Johnson. Taunting a man so OBVIOUSLY unconscious is Leon Lett-stupid, and apologizing the next day (after going off in the locker room after the game) means nothing. Johnson = classless punk who better watch out. Lots of o-linemen saw his little bitch job, and they do not take kindly to punks like Johnson acting that way. Oh, and if "God don't like ugly," then you Travis ain't gotta prayer. He also don't like stupid either. The lion wanted courage, not the friggin' scarecrow. Schmuck.
  • Again, Texans fans defending Johnson on this in any way are just wrong. Pure and simple. I understand defending your own, but there is a limit. Green's hit was clean and not malicious at all. Why the hell would he try and hurt someone like Johnson. He's a 200 pound QB trying to block a 325 DT. WTF is he supposed to do? Spit on him as he runs by? Johnson's taunting of an unconscious Green cannot be defended in any logical, sane way. Also, I don't want to hear d-linemen bitching about "cheap blocks." When an INT it thrown, the very first thing a d-lineman does is look for the players and level them with cheap shots. But none of that is important. The whole "cheap shot" thing distracts from the real issue.

    Taunting Green while he was unconscious suggests Johnson is borderline retarded. Insulting Green after he was carried off on a stretcher PROVES Johnson is indeed retarded. Continuing to bash an injured player long after the game was over simply tells me Johnson is both retarded and a punk.

  • What is Brett Favre doing with those underhanded shovel passes?
  • All the teams in the AFC South are above .500. All have good defenses.
  • Vince Young continues to stink it up in Tennessee, throwing horrible interceptions and fumbling Kurt Warner-style. Yet, the Titans defense continues to dominate and win games for them. It's amazing how defensive Titans fan get about Young. They get so angry they forget that I'm complimenting the rest of the team. This team would be undefeated right now if it had a real QB and not this poser. Their defense is playing excellent.
  • Pittsburgh's new offense is solid. I gotta admit, I'm starting to look wrong about Ben. He looks good in this Colts-style offense. He taking too many shots though.
  • The Colts are #1 in third down efficiency. New left tackle. New running backs. Same result.
I realize I may take heat for some of my Travis Johnson comments, but what's right is right and what's wrong should be called out. That's just how I feel about things.