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Trade rumor out of Atlanta

Apparently, Atlanta GM Rich McKay was watching the Tampa game this past Sunday:

"The lowly Atlanta Falcons have displayed some interest towards former Roughrider Kenton Keith, who is now a member of the Indianapolis Colts. Sources in the Falcons front office stated that General Manager Rich McKay has been in contact with Bill Polian, Indianapolis' general manager about a possible trade, involving Keith and Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Hall, the Falcons star cornerback, has been displayed some displeasure with the team in the recent weeks and has demanded a trade after their most recent game, a 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans."
Once again, the trade deadline coming around, and Bill Polian is involved in something. Last season's acquisition of Anthony McFarland, who is a top 5 DT, was a coup. Now, Atlanta wants Indy's backup running back in exchange for a corner that many feel is a "shutdown" corner.

Personally, I think DeAngelo Hall is garbage. Never liked him. Never thought he was anything all that great. Lots of talk. Lots of noise. Gets burned a lot by quality receivers. He also cost his team a win a few weeks ago after attacked a ref during the game. I have a real hard time imagining Polian bringing in a guy like Hall.

Still, it looks like it was McKay that reached out to Polian. McKay was once Tony Dungy's GM in Tampa Bay. If I hear more on this rumor, I'll update.