Site maintainence, the podcast, and other housecleaning

This diary is to address some housecleaning issues that have cropped up, as well as deal with some general changes at Stampede Blue.

First off, I'm sorry I haven't updated the division rankings, schedule results, and other key stats here. I really focused this season on promoting the community, which is why so many diaries have been moved from their sections to the main page. We've grown so much the last few months. Last year this time, we got maybe 300 page views a day. Now, we get over 1,000. Hundreds of thousands have hit the site, but most importantly we have grown into a solid community of contributing Colts fans, from JakeTheSnake to ctnyc to Beester to even our resident "troll" Terry, the site is starting to become what I wanted it to become: A Community blog. Most of what you are writing is better than what I'm doing. I consider that a good thing, and you can expect more diaries to get moved to the front.

Second, sometime in the very near future (a few months maybe) the look of this site will change. I know I've been saying this forever, but I'm giving you a heads up. If you log in one day and you go "Woah!" it's because the site has morphed from SB Nation 1.7 to SB Nation 2.0. I can give you no details, because I ain't seen anything myself. I do have tremendous faith in the SB Nation techies, and if they are excited (and they are) that means SB Nation 2.0 is going to kick ass. Stay tuned.

Third, we will likely change the SB Nation podcast and the Stampede Blue podcast. No details yet, but stay tuned.

And finally, I have avoided commenting on this, but recent events require a response from me regarding tommasse and Pats Pulpit. I have never asked readers to do this, but for the sake of peace and love in this already troubled world, I ask you to please just ignore the guy and his blog. I know many of you are upset with him, especially after his blowup with SkinsPatrol. I know he's banned many of you from his blog. Folks, there are people in this world who are just the way they are, and if they bother you with their comments, sometimes it's best to just ignore them. I know I am that last person on this earth to ask this of you, because even the slightest stupid comment will set me off, but neither you nor me is going to change tommasse. He is what he is. If you think he's a raving madman making silly comments that contradict himself consistently, then it's best to just let him rant and ignore it.

Sometimes, he can make your point for you without him knowing and without you commenting.

Take an example from Tony Dungy: Walk on the high road. We all know that if the Colts face the Patriots again, the Colts will crush them. Others know this. Adding gasoline to a wildfire burns everything. Sometimes, it's best to let the flames die out on their own. For this blog, I welcome dissenting viewpoints and fans who do not root for the Colts, as long as it isn't demeaning to others or "trolling." Together, we continue to make SB Nation's Colts blog on of the best blogs in the network. I thank you for that, and I'm looking forward to developing this site more and more. Go Colts, and go Stampede Blue!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.