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The Horde of Manning Haters have crawled out from under their rock

The Horde of Manning Haters has returned!

They've waited months for this day, but the Horde of Peyton Manning Haters have crawled out from under the slimy, slug infested rock they slid under after Super Bowl 41's MVP hoisted his championship trophy last February.

These folks have been lost, desperate, and sickly for months. But when they see the stat line from last night (6 INTs), these sad, petty little people are now jumping for joy and shouting from the rooftops. Already, guys like Mike Florio and Bill Simmons are warming up their keyboards, savoring the moment. They long for the days of "Manning sucks" and "Manning can't win big games." You can even expect a few "journalists" to bring that line back.

The best thing to do when this happens folks is to ignore these idiots. They want you upset. They want you reading their garbage. Ignoring it is the last thing they want, but it's the best thing to do. As The Big Lead (great site re-design btw) says:

Really, really hope there are no `analysts' asking, `WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE COLTS?' today. Or this week, in fact. Because anyone who asks this is clearly uninformed. The weather was abysmal in San Diego, and is there a team in the AFC with a worse injury situation than the Colts? No Dallas Clark, no Marvin Harrison ... Peyton Manning (six INTs) may as well have been playing on one leg. Did we mention their money kicker missed a chip shot that would have won the game? Regardless of this outcome, Indy will will the division and host a playoff game.
As The Big Lead indicates, Manning was due for a bad game. He hasn't had one in, literally, years. Last season, Tom Brady threw 4 INTs at home and in perfect weather against the Colts, and nary a mention from the Horde. Manning throws 6 INTs missing his entire offense while playing in on a field God decided to take a giant piss on, and they are laughing and calling him a loser.

Analysts, indeed. Just ignore them, folks. When the Colts repeat this year and hold up their second straight Lombardi Trophy, we can fully expect the Florios and the Simmons of this universe (both said nary a thing after Manning finally won it all) to crawl back under the rock from whence they came.