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Simeon Rice is a Colt

Rice was tremendous in Tampa Bay, but is his shoulder healthy?
Adam Shefter, John Clayton, and AOL Fanhouse are all reporting that the Colts have claimed former Bucs and Broncos DE Simeon Rice off waivers (tip to metalmilitia). Rice was waived by Tampa Bay after a bitter breakup between Rice and Bucs management. He was picked up by Denver but did not seem comfortable in Denver's new defensive system. Denver waived him a few days ago.

Rice was born to play DE in a Dungy Tampa 2, and had some great years playing under Dungy when he coached there. Rice won a Super Bowl in 2002 with Jon Gruden as his head coach.

Now, he's in Indy, and the most obvious question is why? Is Dwight Freeney really THAT hurt? The Colts are calling it a foot sprain. Whatever. I'm not surprised if they called Rob Morris' injury a "knee bruise."

The other question is how did the Colts open a roster spot for Rice? Hey, maybe they cut Moorehead! Dare to dream, I guess.

This is the second time in two years that Bill Polian has made a move to get a former Buc from Dungy's tenure to Indy. Last year, it was Anthony "Booger" McFarland. Do not be surprised to see Rice playing a little DT in Indy. Health was the main issue with him in Tampa and Denver. But, if Polian signed him, it must mean he's shown them something.

Update [2007-11-13 8:59:53 by BigBlueShoe]: From styg50 in the comments:

Rice was great... but he is not 100% right now, in mind nor body. He is not overpowering anyone, because his shoulder is hurting him, and he simply isn't as fast as he used to be. I would assume he has a veteran's savviness, but I didn't see it while he was here in Denver.

Also, he insisted after he left that Denver wasn't playing him in the right position (RDE I believe), which isn't exactly true. He was rotated like everyone else on the line and played both ends depending on the package. He wasn't any more effective on one side than the other.

He is a unique player who could turn it around, and if the Colts are winning, maybe that is just what he needs.