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Getting chippy with others

Something I've noticed of late (and something I certainly have been guilt of) is that our site community is getting a little chippy with folks coming here and offering different POVs. I think stems from the recent issues folks have had at Pats Pulpit; issues I addressed here in this diary.

Folks, I personally find it very beneficial when someone else comes here and offers a different POV. Take this one for instance:

For you to say [the Chargers game] was one of [Peyton Manning's] best games...

you are clearly just extremely biased.  The colts suffered an embarrassing loss due in part to INJURIES, BAD WEATHER, and Manning's poor play.  While he did really pick it up in the 2nd half, it was by no means one of his best games.

If the colts had either Harrison or Clark or a kicker that could make chip shot field goals, they would have won.  Unfortunately they couldn't overcome that obstacle.  Either way, the Colts shouldn't have been in the position where they needed a last minute field goal.

Also, special teams should be a major concern.  They were awful on those returns in the first half.  Manning did not have one of his best games, he had one of his worst.  His worst is still better than some other qb's average performance.  Either way, the Colts suffered an embarrassing loss.  They'll win the next couple of weeks with easy games but still, I can't see them winning the superbowl this year.

They just don't seem to be as strong as the Patriots or even the Cowboys.

Anyway, not trying to be offensive or anything just leaving my input.  I feel I was unbiased and fair in my responses and I was by no means calling Manning bad or anything of that sort.  

Leave some responses.  Bigblueshoe try not to attack me after this.

This comment is from nvemvp23, a self proclaimed Titans fan. Do I agree his comments? No. He's dead wrong. Calling the Chargers loss "embarrassing" is silly, and the assessment of Manning's play is just incorrect.

However, despite my feelings about the post, it is VITAL that nvemvp23 make this comment. Why?

Because dissenting opinions make for great blogging.

The fact that nvemvp23 added in this end statement "Bigblueshoe try not to attack me after this," bothers me because it means I've been guilty of attacking others wrongly for their contributing opinions here at Stampede Blue. For that, I apologize. Without nvemvp23, and good contributors like him or her, what the hell are we doing here? Are we here just to scratch each others' backs and congratulate each other on how "smart" we are? Hell no! ESPN's The Sports Reporters does enough of that; 4 white guys (and yes, John Saunders makes Tucker Carlson look like Forrest Whitacker) sitting around and plugging whatever dumb ass book they wrote as they comment on sporting events they often don't even watch. Give me a good nvemvp23 comment any day over that crap.

The point here is while I intensely disagree with nvemvp23, I welcome his comments. Calling him names, insulting his intelligence, and belittling him does this site no good. That's not trash talk. It's just acting like a jerk. Now, if nvemvp23 came in here and started trolling, with someone like that it is best to ignore them until I come in and give said troll the heave-ho! nvemvp23 is not like that.

So, my friends in the Stampede Blue community, let us all stop being so chippy with others who disagree. Disagreement is welcome. Even Terry often has a few good nuggets of truth; occasionally. Let's ease off on the name calling and enjoy this season. For many of us (Colts fans, nvemvp23, and Terry), our teams are winning and life is good. What's not to enjoy!