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Dwight is indeed done for the year

Sadly, the league's most disruptive defensive player, and highest paid, is now done for the season. The Colts made it official today, placing Dwight on IR:

Dwight Freeney's season is over.

Freeney, the Colts' three-time Pro Bowl defensive end, sustained a LisFranc injury in his left foot against the San Diego Chargers Sunday night that will reqire surgery. He has been placed on the Injured Reserve list, the Colts announced in a statement Wednesday.

Team physicians anticipate a "full and complete recovery in time for the 2008 season," the statement said.

In a season that will be defined by injuries, cheating, scandal, and win streaks, Dwight's injury is yet another sad chapter in a very puzzling NFL season. It seems that since Week One, big name players have dropped like flies left and right.

So, Dwight is now done for 2007. For those of us who know Dwight, we know he's pissed beyond belief. Dwight always wants to play; always wants to win. The key now for him is to heal up and be well. Health is paramount over all else.

What's this mean for the Colts? Next man up! That's what. After last year's season, which saw the team lose Montae Reagor, Corey Simon, and Mike Doss for the season to injuries, I never count this team out. They are too deep and too tough. Losing a difference maker like Dwight hurts, but maybe the addition of Simeon Rice and some big play from difference makers like Robert Mathis can pick up the slack... just like last year.

This is a tough, talented, resilient bunch, and if anyone is counting them out because of this injury lose, they are in for a very, very rude awakening. Dwight's lose hurts, but this team can recover.