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Is Dwight out for the year?

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So, one minute the AP is saying that DE Dwight Freeney has a foot sprain, and he will miss at least a month. This is consistent with Bill Polian's comments on his radio show. The next minute, we're looking at the cover of the Indy Star and seeing the headline Colts lose Freeney for rest of season.

Now, if you go to the headline and read it, you see a lot of speculation and not a lot of "Colts confirm that..."

The latest injury might be the most damaging to the Indianapolis Colts, who apparently have lost Dwight Freeney for the rest of the season.

The three-time Pro Bowl defensive end probably faces surgery to repair damage to his left foot, according to a source close to Freeney.

So, the Star is calling it despite no confirmation from the Colts. I personally think it's kind of hard to say someone is done until you hear it from the team, but that's just me and my feelings towards ethics in journalism. I'll give the devil his due: The Star got the Tarik Glenn story right. So, they might be right with this. I certianly hope they aren't, but as TheSportsGuru stated here, Lisfranc is the same injury Larry Johnson has and Ty Law had back in 2004.

Like with all injuries, until I see an official announcement that Freeney is on IR, I don't assume anything. In all these injury reports, I'm seeing a lot of "probably" and "likely" added before the words "done for the season." Sounds like guess work, which isn't journalism.