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The Chefs... Err I mean CHIEFS.

Gunther is kinder and gentler now. Really.
Well, with all of the frustration over last weeks loss and the pressure of mounting injuries we have almost forgotten that we have a serious game this week. The opponent is the Kansas City Chiefs and while they may not be an "elite" team they still are more than capable of defeating the Colts.

Over the summer BBS and I sat down and watched HBO's series "Hard Knocks" which covered the Chiefs during training camp. Both of us were somewhat shocked at the leaky ship that Herm Edwards ran down there. You could just tell that there was a major power struggle between him and defensive coordinator (and former KC coach!) Gunther Cunningham. The Chiefs have a number of problems on the offensive side of the ball. Their O-line is average at best which is odd because this used to be the best unit in football, but age and free agency has slowly chipped away at it. At QB Herm Edwards has decided to throw Croyle into the fire by starting him this week. Personally, I think that's a big mistake considering how good the Colts are against the pass. After all, doesn't anyone remember what we did to Alex Smith in his first game two years ago? Larry Johnson is out so the running back duties will fall to the ageless wonder that is Priest Holmes. While he might not be the same RB that he used to be you still have to admire the intense re-hab that he went through just to be able to play in the NFL again. While the Chiefs have traditionally drafted horrible throughout the years they seemed to have found a good WR in Dwayne Bowe. Kansas City fans must be breathing a sigh of relief in that they can finally move past the mighty Eddie Kennison days. Bowe must be covered because he gives the Chiefs a serious long range deep threat that can turn the tide of the game.

On defense the Chiefs have been very good this year. The defense they run is the total opposite of the cover 2 used by the Colts. Their defensive tackles engage the center and guards to free up blitzing linebackers and safeties whereas we use our front 4 to go around offensive lineman. While BBS and I both consider this a poor model to run a defense on I have to admit that the Chiefs defense has kept them in a lot of games this year. Even though they blitz it can be tough to go deep on them because of Ty Law. Everyone here already knows that Ty Law does some sort of special voodoo magic that grants him powers over Manning so I won't go into further details. In fact, I don't want the Colts to challenge the guy so they should just throw it to the other side of the field. However, the system the Chiefs run really opens up the middle of the field for long range strikes. We need to run our TE's on some seam routes in order to exploit this (except of Utecht he should never be asked to run anymore than 5 yards!).

I know the Chiefs may seem like a cake walk, but remember their defense really shut us down last year in the playoffs. We need to come out there and get a lead early and force Croyle to throw the balls against our zone coverage scheme. I realize that is the blueprint for all Colts victories, but with the injuries we have sustained the blue print really HAS to be followed to the letter. This is a big game folks because the AFC South is such a competitive division and we cannot afford to lose this game.