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Inadvertent whistle should cost dumb ass ref his job

Complaining about blown calls is never productive, which is why I try not to engage in them. A blown call is a blown call, and if the outcome doesn't go your way it sucks but them's the breaks. The blown call in the Chargers game, the "inadvertent whistle," was a crappy call but it doesn't let Adam off the hook, missing a kick he should hit. It is only after the game that I start demanding accountability. So, when Mike Pereira, the head of NFL Officiating, calls the "inadvertent whistle" blown during Clint Session's INT return "the worst mistake you can make" as an NFL ref, I thank Mr. Mike Pereira for his opinion... but I want my pound of flesh anyway:

Pereira explained that the official who blew the play dead is in his first year in the NFL after a career officiating college football, and he forgot that the college football rule is different from the NFL rule in that players who dive to the ground to catch a pass are not down as soon as they catch it in the NFL but are down as soon as they catch it in college.

Well, thank you for that explanation, Mr. Mike Pereira. Now, please do the following: FIRE the ref who made that "mistake," which is a poor word to use in this instance as the screw-up directly affected the outcome of the game.  I never want to see him ref a Colts game, or any pro game, ever again. A "mistake" is buying red roses for a girl you don't love, or accepting your in-laws invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Blowing an inadvertent whistle on a long INT return is a colossal f*&k up that should cost you your job. Seriously, the dude blew his whistle because it was in his mouth while running down the field to get a glance at a play he was in no position to call?

That's Busch league, folks.

As Polian said on his radio show, Pop Warner games don't have inadvertent whistles. Get this idiot out of our league. He can go back to refing college games, where the plays are slower (because the athletes are inferior) and he doesn't have to worry about running as much with a whistle in his mouth. Good grief.