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Week Eleven: Kansas City at Indianapolis Colts- Open Thread

Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) at Indianapolis Colts (7-2)
Week Eleven:  Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

Location: RCA Dome  Indianapolis, IN

Kick-off time: 1:00 pm ET

Broadcast: CBS

Key injuries: Just too many to name them all. Both Tony Ugoh and Marvin Harrison are out. Neither have played in over four weeks. Charlie Johnson also might not play. So, Michael Toudouze might get the start at LT. Gonzo is still out with his dislocated finger.

The good news is Dallas Clark, Raheem Brock, and Freddie Keiaho are not on the Colts injury report. So, they should play. The scary news is both Matt Giordano and Bob Sanders ARE on the injury report; Matt with a hamstring and Bob with (ugh!) a knee. I might just lose my crap if Bob doesn't play.

Today also marks the debut of Simeon Rice as a Colt. Will he have an impact? Will he start? How many snaps will he get? We will see.

As always, for a good time call Bambi at 900-I-LIKE-COEDS. Or (ahem!) for a different kind of good time, you can check out Chris over at Arrowhead Pride. Unlike Bambi, Chris can form a complete sentence.

Please, here's to a good, clean game with no injuries. I'm beggin' ya here! Go Colts!