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Vinatieri "redeems" himself? From what?

This is Adam Vinatieri after he makes a game-winning FG: "Ho-hum. Yeah, I made it. Eat my nuts, Steve Tasker."
Photo: AP, Darron Cummings

Articles with titles similar to this are making me barf. Adam Vinatieri didn't need to "Redeem" himself from anything. So he missed a kick. BFD! After years of Mike Vanderjagt, I am more than fine with Adam Vinatieri missing a regular season FG in a game lost by putrid special teams coverage. The difference between Adam and Vandy is Vandy would have made that SD kick. But, in the playoffs, he'd miss that kick if under the exact same circumstances.

Adam wouldn't. He's got the big, shiny rings (currently, one with Indianapolis) to prove it.

All this "redemption" stuff is crap. Oh course he was going to make that FG at the end against KC. If you doubted it, there's something wrong with you. The dude misses ONE FRIGGIN' BIG KICK and people are nervous? In his whole career, he'd had maybe two kicks blocked. This season, he's had three. If you think that hasn't affected him, you're crazy.

It's yet another reason why Russ. Purnell. Should. Be. Fired.

If not for Adam, the Colts would not have beaten the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs. I thought I'd remind some folks of that.

And Steve Tasker can eat my ass while were on the subject of Adam Vinatieri. No Steve, he isn't hurt, despite what you think you know. If you are saying he is, name your source. If you can't name your source, then STFU! Tasker reported, while covering the game with resident CBS idiot Gus Johnson, that Vinatieri was hurt and the Colts are hiding it. Seriously, if Vinatieri were hurt the Colts would do what they did last year when Vinatieri was (gasp!) hurt for a good portion of the season: They'd sign Martin Gramatica (who is available) and rest Adam. Claiming Vinatieri is hurt when you absolutely no proof to back up that claim and no accountability should you be dead flippin' wrong is tabloid journalism.

Seriously, at what point did NFL news coverage become "Inside Edition?" Jeez.

One more thing, if Vinatieri were hurt then his kickoffs would be terrible. His plant foot would certainly alter his ability to boom the ball. Vinatieri is currently on pass to shatter his single season touch back numbers. His career high was 10, done last year and the year before. He's fine. Tasker is a tool. There s no one else in this league that I'd rather have kicking my FGs. Vinatieri will once again be the guy that gets this team to the Super Bowl.

You just watch, and appreciate.