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I think the hype made me sick

Sorry for no updates the last two days. I've been getting over an illness, and when I haven't been yacking and sniffling, I've been on radio programs telling people why I think the Colts will physically dominate the Patriots on Sunday.

I have to say, the build up for this game is exactly how I thought it would be: Annoying. ESPN has basically stopped coverage of all other sports just to talk about This. One. Game. Did you know the World Series ended this past week, or that the NBA started on Monday night? Apparently, ESPN didn't because they gave the events token coverage, focusing their entire flippin' network on this game they are billing as Super Bowl 41.5.

I'm starting to think that it's this dizzying round-the-clock coverage of the game that made me sick and not the swift change in weather from 65 degrees to 45 degrees. So, for the next few hours, you will see a flurry of posts, making up for two days of nada. Enjoy.