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Jim Irsay channels his inner Flavor Flav

Jim Irsay, Colts Hype Man

When I first show this picture, I wondered aloud whether Jim Irsay was back on the drugs. I even made some calls to some friends (they attended the Colts rally) and asked them WTF is up with our owner dressing up like Rhinestone Cowboy Pimp. Turns out that Jimmy is just fine. Though his taste in jewelry is somewhat questionable, apparently the big announcement (broken here by JakeTheSnake) Jimmy hyped this past Tuesday was the Colts are going to raffle away some Super Bowl rings to a few lucky fans. And what better way to get someone's attention than to dress up like Willy Wonka, complete with pimp cane, and make a big show on Monument Circle.

Listen, forget the rings. Raffle off that mad hatter hat with the diamond horseshoe. That hat is so big it could fit Peyton's forehead. displays this picture with pride.