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Not all Patriots fans wear tin foil hats

Now, while we all enjoy ripping the terminally deluded in New England, it's important to note that not all Patriots fans are morons, like ESPN's Bill Simmons or the closet Tom Brady man whore: Peter King. In fact, most are pretty cool people who, like us, love their football team. I've waited for this game to highlight this comment, made in this diary entry many weeks ago prior to the Tennessee game, by a very cool Pats fan named ElToro1960:

This board [BBS note: We're a blog, but I get what you mean.] proves my point that Colts fans truly are a great bunch. I only hope that you don't think all Patriots fans despise the Colts - quite the contrary. There are knuckleheads that do, but overall, the rivalry is awesome and provides a great product for the fans.  Isn't that what it's all about?  I wish the Colts were still in the AFC East - it would make it much more interesting!

Rodney Harrison:  used to love the guy and his aggressive style - want him off the team NOW.  There's no excuse good enough for steroids.  None.  I hope he never plays another down in the NFL.  James Sanders is filling his shoes quite nicely. Don't need Harrison back.  I think he's gone at the end of the season, but my preference would be now.  The Patriots don't need this given what has gone on the past few weeks.  

The point was made that the national media has focused on the Patriots as the super bowl favorites - I've seen this in a number of articles that I've read and disagree with it.  The Pats have amassed some talent during the off-season, but super bowl favorites is a bit much.  Anyone who has seen the Colts play this year cannot possibly think the Patriots are favorites.  Manning surgically picks apart defenses and, in my opinion, is nearly impossible to stop.  He's got such a quick release, you can never get to him.  Surround him with talent like he has and, being the defending Champions, the Colts have a leg up on all other AFC teams.  The Patriots are good, but handing them the Lombardi trophy in September is just plain stupid. As a Patriots fan, the Colts scare me to death and with good reason.

There are also fans like InBradyWeTrust, who I have always enjoyed. The point here is while we enjoy making fun of Patriots Nation for their silliness, there are a great many cool Pats fans like ElToro1960 and InBradyWeTrust. Like us, they love their team. It's what makes being a fan fun. I think that often gets lost in all the hype.