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No More Head, and Klecko back in Blue

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I'm stealing the title from Colts4Life's diary:

Aaron Moorehead's season is over. The Indianapolis Colts placed their veteran wide receiver on the injured reserve list with a back injury.

Moorehead, who's been a backup receiver since signing as an undrafted rookie in 2003, has been bothered by an unspecified back ailment much of the season. That situation was exacerbated in Sunday's win over Kansas City when he was hit in the back while attempting to catch a high pass from quarterback Peyton Manning.

Obviously, Moorehead sucked and had no business playing, but maybe his suckiness had more to do with lingering injuries than just plain suckiness. I'm not happy he's hurt, even though I did not want him playing for this team. Hope he heals fully.

Colts also got the human TD machine back after he was cut last week. Dan Klecko is back where he belongs with the Colts. As you can see, I'm a big Klecko fan.