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"I'm healing up, Eva. And I'm coming for you."

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No, he doesn't make this easy catch. Yes, he does indeed suck. Maybe, in the background, that's a boob job.
If you haven't noticed, the guys who have been hurt are starting to come back. It's very possible that WR Anthony Gonzalez and LT Tony Ugoh could return in time for the Colts Thanksgiving Day game against the Atlanta Falcons. Amazing how two rookies, picked one and two for the Colts on draft day, are now so vital to the success of this team; Ugoh especially. If not for Adrian Peterson, Ugoh is a legit Rookie of the Year candidate. In the previous seven games prior to Ugoh getting hurt, Peyton Manning was sacked five times. Minus Ugoh, he's been sacked seven times the last three games. Think they miss him?

With Ugoh and Gonzalez hopefully back, the Colts are as healthy as they've been in a month. If Gonzo is a go-go, he should start with Reggie and Craphonso Thorpe should get the slot receiver position. Healthy or not, I do not want to see Aaron Moorehead. I think we all agree that he stinks, royally. He's been outplayed by an undrafted free agent rookie whose name reminds us all of fecal matter. He's dropped easy TD passes. He's run the wrong route on numerous occasions, often resulting in INTs. Moorehead truly is the "crappy" WR, and I only want to see him covering kicks and punts from now on. I groan when I see him lined up on the right side.

The other injured Colt that everyone is waiting for is Marvin Harrison. There have been diaries of late speculating the end of Marvin's career. No source material. No quotes. "Hey, I heard from my friend who works in a barber shop that cuts Bill Polian's nose hairs and he said blah, blah, blah..." Folks, Marvin is expected back this year, healthy and ready to play:

Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian said Monday that Pro Bowl wide receiver Marvin Harrison's injured left knee is sound, stable and mechanically functional, describing it as a "minor sprain" along with a "pretty big blow" to the bursa sac.

But until the inflammation recedes there is one thing to do: wait.

"It's healing," Polian said. "Mother nature heals at her own rate."

Coupled with injuries on the offensive line, Harrison's absence has been increasingly glaring of late, including in Sunday's 13-10 win over Kansas City. The Colts had a season-low 163 passing yards, part of a downward trend since Harrison was injured in Week 4 vs. Denver.

Polian could offer no timetable for the 12th-year veteran's return. Nor could coach Tony Dungy.

I'm fine with Marvin taking time to heal. The same thing happened last year with Bob Sanders, and that worked out pretty damn well. As long as Marvin is fully healed, healthy, and ready for any type of playoff run, I'm rosy.

With Freddie Keiaho back, the LBer corps has played liked gangbusters. Truth be told, it was pretty damn good while he was out too. Freddie's got to get his conditioning back though:

But [Keiaho] conceded his stamina was lacking.

"I had a little conditioning issue," he said. "(Rookie) Clint (Session) was saying he saw me put my hands on my hips and he never sees that. That's the kiss of death.

I'd like to add one more thing regarding how the Colts have handled their injuries this year: Guys like Mike Florio at PFT have written the usually baseless crap that "league insiders" and "Colts officials" have complained about how Dungy has held out players who might have been healthy to play if the games were playoff games. It's funny how this is the same Mike Florio that continues to bash and berate the NFL for not have a strong concussion policy in place. The reason guys like Freddie Keiaho, Dallas Clark, and even Tony Ugoh have sat out all these games?

Concussion and neck injuries.

This is in direct contrast (yes, this is bashing the Patriots) to how Ted Johnson was treated by Bill Belichick in New England. From the way things look (and sometimes looks are deceiving), Dungy puts the health of his players at a higher priority over winning football games. As a fan, I'm ok with that. Some fans aren't. I call them cheap, petty little punks who simply don't understand football. The most physical exertion they've ever experienced in their lives is bending over to pick up the remote. If someone like Freddie KO suffers a KO himself, it appears Dungy is willing to sit him out until he is fully and completely healed. The same is true for Marvin Harrison. He probably could have played in either the NE or SD games, and would have made a difference in both. Instead, Dungy sits him. Let the knee fully heal. No lingering pain, no tightness, no problems.

Again, this is in stark contrast to how they handle injuries in New England, where winning at all costs (even the player's health) is apparently the motto. Ask Ted Johnson. There. I've fulfilled by Patriots bashing for the month. Now I'm tired of talking about them. Let's get our horses healthy and win this damn division already.