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I spent my afternoon rooting for Rex Grossman

Sorry for no open thread for general NFL games today. I've spent the last 36 hours bagging up clothes, removing books from shelves, mopping floors, and general apartment dickery in anticipation of the exterminator. See, my apartment has bed bugs. I like to pride myself as a clean person, but for some damned reason my bedroom and living room has bed bugs. So, I've been cleaning the whole place out, top to bottom.

I'd rather be blogging.

After I finished some work, I took a break and watched the Bears v. Broncos game. I finally got to see what great special teams play looks like. Wow. The Bears actually can cover kicks and punts. They can also return them too... for TDs. And they can block punts as well! Craziness!

Anyway, in the fourth quarter, I found myself cheering for Rex Grossman. He lead his team on a 14 point 4th quarter comeback, scoring the game tying TD on a beautiful pass in the corner of the endzone to Bernard Berrian. Then, in OT, he hit TE Desmond Clark on a big pass play to get Robbie Gould in position to make the game winning kick, which he did.

BTW: The Bears' Adrian Peterson is a stud. If the Vikings' guy is "Purple Jesus," then the Bears' guy is "Black Jesus." I said a long time again that Cedric Benson was garbage. Benson left the game with an injury, and Peterson came in and did what Benson has never been able to do: Run for tough yards. Peterson's 4 yards TD run in the fourth was an amazing play to witness. For some reason, if your name is Adrian Peterson this season, you know how to run the fing football. Check out Windy City Gridiron and Mile High Report for post-game recaps.

Anyway, consider this an open thread for your general impressions of Week Twelve.

Update [2007-11-25 20:39:53 by BigBlueShoe]: I have no idea why Mike Shanahan kicked to Devon Hester twice. Bonehead coaching move of the season, thus far.

Chad Johnson is a tool. His team stinks at 3-7, and he's still doing the dumb TD celebrations. Just play the damn game, Chad, and STFU already.

The Giants Jeremy Shockey is utter garbage. I saw him give up on three passing routes today (TIVOed Giants game) because the ball wasn't thrown his way. One resulted in a pick. Eli Manning threw 4, with 3 returned for TDs.

Tennessee really looks lost. Vince Young fumbled (again) and threw a bad INT (again). What is surprising is their defense is playing poorly. LenDale White is a punk and a loser. That 15 yard penalty really cost them. Why does Fisher tolerate so many douches on his team?