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NFL recaps

From around SB Nation:

  • Once again, I've managed to piss off every Bears fan in Cook County by saying their GM, Jerry Angelo, should be fired for his botched offseason moves in 2007. Those moves have cost the Bears a chance to get back to the Super Bowl, in my opinion. Trading Thomas Jones, signing Adam Archuleta, and drafting Cedric Benson (back in 2005) with the #4 overall pick. Angelo stinks, and it's a shame because the Bears could have taken the next step this season. It's not over for them, but it still looks bleak.
  • People are finally starting to catch on to the fact that Vince Young stinks. He had another key INT and fumble against a BAD Cincy defense yesterday. Vince young averages one fumble a game. Do you realize how fumblriffic your have to be to nearly AVERAGE one a game? Dave Krieg, Mr. Fumble himself, didn't AVERAGE a fumble a game. In 22 games, Vince Young has fumbled 17 times. This season, he's thrown 5 TDs and 12 INTs. What, no Pro Bowl for Vince? Those were about his numbers last season. And this year, the team is better. Better defense. Better running game. Yet, Vince still stinks, and the excuse making is still loud and clear. Can you imagine the kind of grief guys like Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, and Donovan McNabb would have gotten if they started their first 22 games with 17 fumbles, 25 INTs, and 17 TDs through the air? On the flip side, Tennessee's usually stellar defense is cracking of late. Maybe it has something to do with the multiple turnovers their offense is giving up. Ya think?

    Jimmy, the fine writer over at MCM, weighs in on Vince:

    The only thing I have to say right now is that Vince Young is the Titans QB. Replacing him with Kerry Collins might be better in the short term, but it is not what is best for the long term success of this franchise. Vince has to play through this. Joy Kat has sent me an email after every game the Titans lost telling me how bad Vince is. Be happy that I banned her so that you don't have to listen to the same crap she was spewing on here for the month she was with us. The season isn't over. Just keep telling yourself that and maybe, probably not but maybe, you will feel a little better.
    As bad as Vince is playing, Jimmy is right. However, if the Titans miss the playoffs, management needs to take a long, hard look at Vince Young and make a decision on whether or not he really is "the future" of that team.
  • I still have no idea why Mike Shanahan kicked off to Devon Hester TWICE. And Todd Sauerbrun SUCKS. Kicking it down the middle of the field twice to Hester? Did the HGH go to your head as well, Todd?

    MHR's TheSportsGuru weighs in:

    We can look to lay blame [for the loss] all over the place. I direct it at two people - Todd Sauerbrun and Mike Shanahan.
  • Nice to see Carson Palmer kicking ass again. Chad Johnson is still garbage, and if Cincy has any balls this offseason they will fire Marvin Lewis and trade Chad Johnson.
  • Philly's defense may have proven a point with New England: Pressure Brady and the Patriots struggle. And, as thought, New England's defense is just not that great. 28 points, at home, to A.J. Feeley? Please.
  • This Jacksonville Jaguars team is the best one they've fielded since they went to the AFC Championship game in 1996. David Garrard STILL hasn't thrown an INT. That is simply amazing folks.
  • My God. Cleveland is currently the #6 seed in the AFC. Unreal. Goes to show you that ANYONE can win.