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So, are we hurt, or healthy?

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Shonuff, the Shogun of Harlem, had this to say regarding the Colts' injuries:

Oops, sorry. that was the other Shonuff. Our shonuff actually had this to say:


"Also on Wednesday, the Colts released their first injury report of the week, with offensive tackle Ryan Diem (ankle), offensive tackle Dan Federkeil (concussion), wide receiver Marvin Harrison (knee), cornerback Dante Hughes (shoulder), cornerback Tim Jennings (upper leg), offensive tackle Charlie Johnson (hamstring), safety Bob Sanders (team decision) and tight end Ben Utecht (groin) listed as not participating in practice.

"We'll take it as we go," Dungy said. "We'll see how guys do. The thing you have to worry about with guys who haven't been there in a while is how they respond to practice and what happens in the next couple of days. We'll probably know a little bit more on Friday." "

I heard on a little snipet on the radio this morning that Marvin did actually practice in limited participation yesterday.  Who knows.  

Also, did anyone else catch Manning's post game, on field interview after the Falcons game?  He said something to the effect of "It's no real secret to us who's playing and who's not playing - we know that on Monday."  That's similar to what  Keith said earlier in the year when Addai sat out.  When asked by reporters when he found out that he was going to play, he said something like "I knew all week.  We just didn't tell you all."  

I'm sure there is a good, gamesmanship-type reason that teams are so shady about injuries these days, but it sure drives me batty.

I agree. Drives me batty too. With all the talk from Bill Polian about Marvin being ready, I fully expect him to play against Jacksonville. If he doesn't, then I'm tired of the deception and the lies. If he can play, play him. If he can't, IR him and bring in someone who can. Having only 3 healthy WRs is not a good thing.

And regarding the highlighted portion above, I remember hearing that from Peyton last week. Basically, all the players know if Marvin is playing or not. So, if Marvin doesn't play, that makes Bill Polian a liar, because he essentially said Marvin will play this Sunday. We fans (you know, the people who pay money to watch the games) damn well expect him. If we don't, we're going to be pissed, especially if bad receiver play affects the game. Bad receiver play directed affected both loses this season. Far too many dropped balls (many through the hands of Dallas Clark and Aaron Moorehead).This Jacksonville game is the biggest game the Colts have played all year, and the Colts absolutely must have Marvin Harrison playing.

If Marvin can't play this game, he can't play period.