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Like last year, we surrender

We surrender, again.

I posted this picture last year prior to the regular season match-up between the Colts and Patriots. Last year, the media (in particular ESPN's and SI's resident Pats fans, Bill Simmons and Peter King respectively) said the Colts had no chance to beat the New England Patriots. Just like in 2005, 2006, and this year both Simmons and King think the Patriots won't just beat the Colts, but beat them badly. It's like a right of passage for Fall, or something.

Leaves turn red. They fall. Wind gets colder. Apples get picked. Peter King and Bill Simmons slurp up anything ejaculated from the Patriots.

No matter what the Colts do to New England (blow them out in Foxboro, intercept Brady 4 times, come back from the biggest lead in championship game history) it seems every corporate whore media pundit picks New England over Indianapolis. The Colts are 5 point under-dogs at home. The undefeated Super Bowl champions, who have clobbered team after team this year, are playing at home, and they are 5 point dogs.

Despite a Super Bowl ring and several dominating wins over New England, the story is still the same, folks. This game still has the same media bias towards New England it always had. Adding Randy Moss and the others just amplified it.

So, because of this, just like last year: We Colts fans surrender. The team is 5 point dogs at home. Randy Moss is Jesus and Tom Brady is God throwing him the football. The Patriots offense couldn't be stopped by an earthquake registering 9.5 on the Richter. Brady's Professor X-style mutant power have finally surfaced in their full glory, and he's able to read the minds of all defensive players. Welker and Stallworth are just as potent as two sidewinder missiles, and no CB in the world can cover them, and if they try they will explode on impact.

If you really read all the written hype leading up to this, the Colts have literally no chance to win this game.

You're not seeing articles about Indy winning or blowing NE out. You're seeing most articles about how the Patriots will annihilate these Colts, proving once and for all that they are the best, and that these next three-and-a-half months are merely a formality.

In fact, why play the game?

Seriously, why play it? The Patriots have already won, according to everyone who "know" sports, right? All the highly paid writers have said New England is dominant and Indy is just another small obstacle in their way. The Patriots are the greatest team ever assembled, right? If, by some miracle, the Colts manage to beat the Patriots, do you really think the "greatest team" talk will change? I don't. The media crowned the Patriots a long time ago, and they'll be damned if something like the outcome of a competitive game will interfere with their narrative.

So, based on New England's unquestioned dominance, and the knowledge that the odds are clearly not in Indy's favor, we Colts fans surrender... again. The hype has defeated us. We know when we are licked. Last year was a total fluke, and we know our team is really nothing more than a sad, pathetic, lonely bunch that destined only to lose. Our apologies to New England fans for making fun of them and daring to think our team can beat the snot out of theirs. It's foolish thinking, we know. We're dreamers, but what else is there to do in Indiana, aside from tip cows and sleep with our sisters, right?

We ask for mercy from Patriots fans, and humbly beg your forgiveness, because should the incredibly impossible happen and the Colts beat the Patriots on Sunday, we will certainly show mercy to you, again.

Go Colts!!!