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Welcome new readers! Welcome my foot to your crotch, wannabe trolls

I'll start this out with a hearty welcome to all new Stampede Blue readers. We're getting buzzed with a gazillion hits today thanks to some page links from The Big Lead, and others.  Welcome all!

Sadly, with all these new hits, we are getting a few douche wads posting in the comments. Let me re-iterate my usual rule for people commenting: I have a low tolerance for trolls. I've defined what a troll is numerous times, and in a year-and-a-half I've banned a grand total of three people from this site; one of them I re-admitted because he apologized. So, when folks come here to troll, I give them swift but fair justice. The point of this site is to talk football and enjoy the experience. If some dumbass wants to troll, there are a fine assortment of message boards for them to waste their time on.

That said, I'd also like to remind you all to be nice to one another. Trash talk is cool, but name calling is childish. If some idiot comes in here and starts mouthing off, just ignore the poor schmuck. If he or she gets too testy, kindly shoot me an email ( and I will deal with things. Every once in awhile, we will get a grade A douchebag trolling the comments. Let me do the grunt work while you enjoy the site.

Thanks, and please continue talking about yesterday's game. If you went to the game and have pictures, send them my way via the yahoo email. More thoughts on the game upcoming.